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A New Dawn Is Rising | The Trevor Project


The good vibes are spreading faster than covid and positive change is shining upon us. It’s now our time to help undo the previous administrations f*ck ups and do our part in helping right the multitudinous wrongs put in place by an ignorant carrot.

It’s time to unmute, speak up and start doing what we can to make things better. Although we’re a thousand miles away we want nothing more than to witness the resurrection of The United States of America.

         We want to illuminate an issue that’s close to our community.

Recently the Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed allowing homeless shelters to deny transgender people access to single-sex shelters of their gender identity. But advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and civil libertarians said the rule would mean transgender women, potentially even other women mistaken as transgender, could be referred to shelters that also accommodate men, where they could face abuse or assault. THIS IS NOT A SAFE OPTION FOR OUR TRANSGENDER FRIENDS.

Enter The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project exhorts policymakers to fully fund programs that support homeless youth and to legislate environments of LGBTQ inclusion and affirmation. Positive family relationships are some of the most important factors in reducing the risk of youth suicide.

Even though we’re thousands of miles away we’re paying forward the good vibes by donating to The Trevor Project 25% of our profits in the month of January 2021.

It’s our hope that this act starts a wave of generosity much needed in our community. We're aligning with The Trevor Project to ensure policies surrounding home care, homeless care, foster care and adoption are inclusive, non-discriminatory and LGBTQ competent.

We urge you to connect with The Trevor Project. Through legislation, litigation and public education, The Trevor Project is the leading advocate for LGBTQ youth in preventative efforts that address the discrimination, stigma and other factors that place LGBTQ youth at significantly higher risk of suicide.

Your donation helps The Trevor Project fulfill their potential.