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The 20 men's fashion trends to know for Fall/Winter 2021-2022

PAR ALEXANDRE MARAIN (2021, March 22). The 20 men's fashion trends to know for Fall/Winter 2021-2022. Vogue Homme.


After the decision to carry out the first-ever digital Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2021 following the Covid-19 pandemic, designers and fashion houses have been obliged to take exceptional measures in order to show their Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collections. While some designers, like Prada and GMBH, decided to show their looks with a show, all while respecting the governmental measures in every country, others vied with each-other to go 100% digital, much like Balenciaga who created its own video game hero for the occasion.


 The ultimate guide to the Fall/Winter 2021-2022

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It has been a strange year for the entire world to witness and, of course, this has had a considerable impact on fashion but also and above all on the inspiration for designers. While Summer 2021 was full of optimism and full of hope, important notions that translated into lively colors, suits stripped of all formality and jogging pants which came out in force, Fall/Winter 2021-2022 shows an array of equally relaxed collections.

What's new? Experimentation. Designers experimented revisited and reinterpreted its own take on the essentials of the menswear wardrobe as a positive response to current events: the varsity jacket has been deconstructed, the coat is reborn as a comfy bathrobe, the very principle of tailoring is rethought, the ski-suit leaves the slopes to be worn in the city, the balaclava is making a comeback - the wearing of masks has certainly helped with this - and shorts can now be worn in winter. Not forgetting, of course, the cult of leather, geometric patterns and the brightness of red, the flagship colour for this season. Take a look at the top 20 men's fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2021-2022.

1. Leather obsession
Leather remains one of the timeless wardrobe staples throughout the years without ever waning. This season is no exception to the rule, and leather takes on the form of ultra-long coats: in very Neo-Matrix sci-fi 1990s versions at GMBH or chic and retro at Casablanca.

GMBH Loewe Casablanca
GMBH, Loewe, CasablancaGORUNWAY

2.Geometric knitwear
An ideal barrier against dropping temperatures, the knitted jumper takes on an array of colours and graphic designs, just like last Summer. The difference? This year the motif of choice must be geometric and take an XL oversized silhouette.

Dior Versace Prada
Dior, Versace, PradaGORUNWAY

3.Red alert
Red was splashed all over the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 runways. We spotted it injected into an elegant co-ordinated suit at Casablanca, with streetwear sporty accents at ThePack and in a bohemian style at Wales Bonner.

Casablanca ThePack Wales Bonner
Casablanca, ThePack, Wales BonnerGORUNWAY

4.New tailoring
Designers are experimenting and reinventing the very principles of tailoring. This translated as an oversized blazer jazzed up with zips at Dolce & Gabbana, a fitted and belted coat at Wooyounmi, a jacket with rolled-up sleeves over a jacquard-knit bodysuit at Prada…

Dolce Gabbana Wooyoungmi Prada
Dolce & Gabbana, Wooyoungmi, PradaGORUNWAY


5. Varsity jacket
We've seen it in so many television series and all-American “college movies” like Grease. The varsity jacket, most notably worn by athletes from the football team, rugby or even baseball from their high school or university, has subtly crept into the menswear collections for Fall/Winter 2021-2022.

Burberry YProject Louis Vuitton
Burberry, Y/Project, Louis VuittonGORUNWAY

6. Ski-wear
Technical materials (such as nylon) are here to stay: the ski-suit leaves the slopes of the most beautiful resorts to take a trip to the city.

Sacai AColdWall Wooyoungmi
Sacai, A-Cold-Wall, WooyoungmiGORUNWAY

7. Sandy tones
Amongst safari influences, the ultimate chic and 1970s influences sandy tones anywhere from brown to beige still have a lot to offer. The proof is at Hed Mayner, Fendi and Acne Studios. Choose matching pieces or go for a monochrome look.

Hed Mayner Fendi Acne Studios
Hed Mayner, Fendi, Acne StudiosGORUNWAY

8. Sweater vest
Neglected and forgotten for many years, the sleeveless waistcoat is making a remarkable comeback on the catwalks of Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 in all the more contemporary styles: with a floral motif at MSGM, completely unstructured at Y/Project and paired with a large shirt at Hermès.

MSGM YProject Herms
MSGM, Y/Project, HermèsGORUNWAY

9. Extra (extra) large trousers
Classic elegance makes way for a new chic which resonates with freedom and comfort. As a result, trousers are XXL and constraint becomes obsolete. Opt for natural colours from beige to pastel blue, as seen at Hed Mayner, Lanvin, and Dries Van Noten.

Hed Mayner Lanvin Dries Van Noten
Hed Mayner, Lanvin, Dries Van NotenGORUNWAY

10. Logo caps
In 2021, the baseball cap becomes to men's trends what sneakers are to streetwear: a staple. This streetwear staple accessory, which has now overtaken the bucket hat, the star of these two or three last seasons, elevates any outfit in a fraction of a second and looks even better with a logo front and centre.

Balenciaga Dunhill Isabel Marant
Balenciaga, Dunhill, Isabel MarantGORUNWAY


11. Couture dressing gowns
To face the plummeting temperatures and the pounding cold, the ultimate winter coat trend can be summed up in one word: bathrobe. The most classic and elegant version of this piece was seen at Louis Vuitton and The Row, but also in the form of a down jacket with extreme padding at Fendi, for those who are the most daring (and the coldest).

Louis Vuitton The Row Fendi
Louis Vuitton, The Row, FendiGORUNWAY

12. Turtle neck
The ultimate anti-cold piece for Fall/Winter 2021-2022? The turtleneck, which looks best worn high, colorful, and stretchy.

Berluti Herms Jil Sander
Berluti, Hermès, Jil SanderGORUNWAY

13.Pyjama party
It comes out of the moonlight this Summer and is infused with a bohemian allure to wear in the city or at the beach. The pajama leaves the daylight behind this winter and becomes an outfit for night owls heading back to clubs. Well, almost… The proof is in Tom Ford's very 1960s leopard print, or in Etudes' silky version.

AColdWall Tom Ford tudes
A-Cold-Wall, Tom Ford, ÉtudesGORUNWAY

14. Statement Tee
The T-shirt with a message is coming back in force this season, whether it's as a tool for expressing our ideals, a way of proclaiming our current thoughts loud and proud, or simply emblazoned with a logo.

Balenciaga Vetements Acne Studios
Balenciaga, Vetements, Acne StudiosGORUNWAY

15. Upgraded trench-coat
The trench coat is at the top of the fashion wish list this season. This traditional essential, often linked to the soldiers of the First World War who wore it, remains a timeless fashion statement. The most prominent way to wear it? Go for a leather piece, or one with a subtle-check pattern.

Burberry Fendi YProject
Burberry, Fendi, Y/ProjectGORUNWAY


16. Long shirts
And what if we dared to go extra long ? Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, and Wales Bonner took up the challenge.

Wales Bonner Dries Van Noten Louis Vuitton
Wales Bonner, Dries Van Noten, Louis VuittonGORUNWAY

17. Balaclava
The return of the balaclava is confirmed: next Winter will be hooded or not at all.

Givenchy Celine par Hedi Slimane Vetements
Givenchy, Celine par Hedi Slimane, VetementsGORUNWAY

18. Legs forward!
Who said that shorts were only for the heat of Summer? In mini-shorts or Bermuda version, they have become the new winter wardrobe staple.

Etro Dries Van Noten Versace
Etro, Dries Van Noten, VersaceGORUNWAY

19. Polo shirt
Popularised in the 1920's by René Lacoste, it was tennis players who were the first to wear this sportswear essential, before it was met with great success on the other side of the Atlantic in the 1950s. In 2021, the polo shirt has taken on a casual look and is even being paired with a suit.

Herms Prada Zegna
Hermès, Prada, ZegnaGORUNWAY

20. Mini-bag
Leave the non-essential behind and only carry what is necessary: credit card, mobile phone, wallet, keys… Such is the message of designers this season.

Etro OAMC ThePack