To maintain your Legends status here are a few must-do requirements that you'll need to keep up with:

MUST post a good quality picture or video two times (2x) a month on your social page/account wearing items that we sent you within a month of receiving the package.

 The minimum is 2 posts a month but feel free to post as many times as you want.

MUST tag & # the following on your posts:

🟢 Instagram: @thepackunderwear_ + #thepackunderwear + #livelouder
🟢 Twitter: @thepackunderwe1 + #thepackunderwear + #livelouder
🟢 Facebook: @thepackunderwear + #thepackunderwear + #livelouder

 Please email the photos and/or videos posted on your page to 📧 without the tags and watermarks so we can post it on our social media platforms. You and the photographer will be tagged and given credit.

Feel free to send us more photos or videos that you did not decide to post. We do request for the photos/videos to be high resolution/good quality. The more you send us the more we can post you! 📧

🟠 OPTIONAL // an unboxing story and tag us on Instagram @thepackunderwear_ + #thepackunderwear + #livelouder



📷 Snap good quality / high resolution photos

📷 Portrait photos/videos should have a 4:5 ratio

📷 Take photos with backgrounds that are not too busy

📷 If ThePack logo is present ensure it is clearly visible

📷 🙅‍♂️No explicitly sexual photos/videos (we do not want to risk you or us getting banned)