. . . your new chosen family!


We're really excited to have you join ThePack Legends! We can’t help but notice your unapologetically authentic attitude, and this is exactly what ThePack is about. We'd love for you to show your unique legendary personality wearing ThePack and inspire our community to Live Louder.

ThePack in a nutshell: liberating, seductive, confident, naughty, tongue in cheek, captivating, unapologetic, raw, authentic open to all.

With every post we're sending a message to our entire community. As Legends we should take it as a responsibility to post in a respectful and inclusive manner, so everyone out there feels comfortable about themselves.


✔️ Fun, light-hearted and comical is cool
    ✔️ Masc, femme or anything in between or outside those is cool
      ✔️ Artistic expression is cool
        ✔️ Naughty and tongue in cheek is cool
          ✔️ Expressive and with a sharp point of view is cool

            ❌ Offensive in any way or trying too hard to be cool is uncool


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            So, you do you, boo! Go out there and dance like everyone’s watching and do some legendary posts. Remember to have your fair share of fun!

            If you've any questions, if the system ain't working (forgive us - we're still new at this) or if you just want to say hi, do send us an email at ThePackLegends@gmail.com or DM us at our official IG page @thepackunderwear_


            Co-founder, ThePack Underwear