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order process flow


& select ' SHOP HERE>ThePackLegends '


with a maximum limit of USD150 per order every 60 days

submit shipping address

& required contact details

select free shipping

& click 'order'


check your registered email for tracking updates or any communication from ThePack

how to order

a detailed step-by-step guide

  • ThePack Legends Privillege: USD150 credit every 60 days (spend it or lose it policy applies)

step 1:>login

Login into your account

  • Access the login page by clicking on the login link located on the site main navigation or click on the login button below
  • Login id: email address & Password: set by influencer during registration.


(1a) You must be logged in to to access ThePack Legends subscription

step 2: Login>MyAccount>Dashboard

legends dashboard

  • After successful login, you'll be automatically sent to 'My Dashboard' which displays your personal information such as shipping address / past orders / tracking info etc.
  • The first navigation link on this page is: >ShopHere>ThePackLegends<
  • Click on this link for collection items exclusively for our Legends.


(2a) You must be logged in to access the ThePackLegends Collection page

(2b) Items added from other collection pages will not apply to your Legends discount. To avoid this, shop only from ThePackLegends Collection page

step 3: shop here>thepacklegends>cart

shopping rules

  • Add not more than 3 products/items to your cart & ensure the total price/amount in cart does not exceed USD150 then all should run smoothly
  • However, if you select and add more than 3 items to your cart OR exceed the set allowance/budget of USD150 then one of these issues could crop up...



Issue: Total cart price EXCEEDS USD150

Solution: Pay the excess difference at checkout page

Best Practice: Keep the total amount under USD150 order limit to avoid this



Issue: Add more than 3 products to cart AND total cart amount is under USD150

Solution: Pay the shipping fee at checkout page

Best Practice: Keep the total quantity to a maximum of 3 products to avoid this



Issue: Add more than 3 products to cart AND total cart amount exceeds USD150

Solution: Pay the excess difference and the shipping fee at checkout page

Best Practice: Keep the total order value under USD150 AND select 3 or less products to your cart to avoid this


step 4:>checkout

shipping address / contact details

  • Next, continue to checkout and start by submiting your valid shipping address and contact (mobile no. & email) info
  • Once submitted, please select the option "FREE SHIPPING" - only available to ThePackLegends.


(4a) Please check that your shipping address is correct. ONCE SUBMITTED FOR PROCESSING, THE ADDRERSS CANNOT BE CHANGED.

(4b) If your order is delivered to an address that was not your address OR if the contact details are incomplete on the order on more than one time, then your Legends status will be under review which could lead to account suspension

(4c) Due to the high order volumes we receive we will not amend mistaken shipping addresses or contact details. Please ensure to thoroughly check these important details before confirming the order. If you're unsure of your shipping address then it is best to wait until you are 100% certain of your whereabouts and/or the shipping address

step 5:>order confirmation


  • Please check that the information provided is all accurate and up-to-date. If so, please click on >COMPLETE ORDER<


(5a) It takes a maximum of 72 hours to pick&pack an order. Please be patient during this time 🙏😘

(5b) Your order will only be considered 'complete' once a shipment tracking number is attached to the order