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So, you've stumbled upon our "Bussy Collection" and might have raised an eyebrow or two, wondering what on earth possessed us to choose this name. Well, let's clear the air! "Bussy" might sound wildly inappropriate, but it's got its' proponents as well! 

Curiously, "bussy", essentially a blend of the words "boy" and "pussy", isn't a new term; it's been hanging around since the early '90s. Urban Dictionary, the go-to for slang, reveals that there's an entry from 2007 mentioning the word, suggesting it's been around for at least 15 years.

Some guys absolutely love using "bussy" in the heat of the moment – think phrases like "Pound my bussy" or "Do you enjoy this tight bussy?" On the flip side, some find it a bit off-putting, even offensive. For a few, it's all about humor rather than sensuality.


The "Bussy" Fans:

"It used to bug me because it seemed forced. But hearing others say it, I've come around to the 'you do you' mindset." – Phil, 27

"I find it kinda cute. Plus, I enjoy feeling more feminine during intimacy, so 'bussy' or even 'pussy' works for me." – Fred, 22

"As a submissive, I dig words that play with power dynamics. Combining 'bitch' with 'pussy' spices up the verbal roleplay." – Zak, 35

"I'm into it. I see 'bussy' as a blend of 'bitch' and 'pussy,' a way to own the language." – Billy, 38

"Count me in! Bussy for life! We're all humans with our quirks. Embracing our femme energy is awesome!" – Barett, 31


The "Bussy" Skeptics:

"I find it humorous, but it's not my go-to during the act. It's a tad absurd, which can break the mood." – Collin, 38

"I've disliked it for ages. It's just off-putting. I might use it for a laugh, but that's about it." – Steve, 31

"It's not as alluring as you'd expect. I need more sensual language during intimacy." – Tori, 47

"Not a fan. It sounds unsexy and even slightly misogynistic. It's not my thing." – Nick, 34

"It's not sexy; it's funny. 'Pussy' works better for me." – Phil, 33

"Embrace our feminine side, sure. But 'pussy' feels more legit and empowering." – Matthew, 28

"I enjoy it humorously, but not for arousal. Not my cup of tea." – Jordan, 27

"I use it ironically and never in bed. My backside isn't a 'bussy.'" – Jack, 27


The "Bussy" Indifferent:

"I joke around with friends, but for intimacy, I'd rather say 'pussy' unless my partner prefers otherwise." – Brian, 24

"It's situational. Some like it, some don't. Treat it like a swear word; it's got a quirky kink to it." – Josh, 29

"I don't get 'bussy.' We already have a word for it. It's more giggles than sensuality for me." – Elliot, 31

"Odd as it may sound, 'bussy' is alright. But I prefer the power of 'pussy' for intimacy." – John, 24


So, there you have it – a deep dive into the world of "Bussy". It's a term that sparks a range of reactions, from excitement to indifference to amusement. Whether you're onboard or not, it's certainly part of the colorful tapestry of language in our community and - for us -, a celebration of just that. 



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