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January is here and it’s time to celebrate the birthdays of a few queer icons! We couldn’t give a shoutout to everyone but here’s a handful of those that’s left a huge mark and even legacies in our time, let’s dive right in on these astounding individuals.
Christian Louboutin – 7th January, 1963
The man behind the legendary red bottoms, Christian Louboutin has always been openly gay. It was a known fact to his family for a long time and they calmly accepted it. Louboutin’s love for women’s shoes started at the tender age of eight, when he noticed a sign forbidding entry to the National Museum of Africa and Oceania in stilettos. An image of a crossed shoe imprinting itself into his memory.
His earlier years were filled with varying experiences, such as him being involved in a couple of cult classic films, working in top couture houses before taking a break from the fashion world by becoming a landscape gardener while making contributions to Vogue. It was then in 1991 that Louboutin would open a Paris shoe salon and build his brand into the legacy we know today.
Symone – 15th January, 1995
Need we say more about the the winner of Season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? She is a member of the House of Avalon and has received positive reception from critics for her drag fashion and persona, which frequently nod to Black cultural icons like Lil’ Kim and grace Jones.
Dolly Parton, 19th January, 1946
Having received 11 Grammy awards out of 50 nominations, having sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, and owning her own amusement part Dollywood, there is no introduction worthy enough of this true legend and icon for our community. It was noted that she first publicly showed support for LGBTQ community in her 1991 song “Family”. She also publicly came out in support of same-sex marriage in 2009.  
Cristóbal Balenciaga – 21st January 1895
Far from the Balenciaga we know today, Balenciaga in the 50’s was hailed as the true master of haute couture with his innovative and revolutionary avant-garde designs, and never-before-seen advanced structural designs. During his life, Balenciaga was gay but preferred to keep his sexuality private. The love of his life and his long-time partner was Władzio Jaworowski d’Attainville, who helped fund his ventures and set things up. However, when d'Attainville passed in 1948, Balenciaga was devastated and considered closing the business. His following collection after d’Attainville’s passing was designed as a tribute to him, a period of mourning as it was entirely in black.
Christian Dior – 21st January 1905
The man behind one of the world’s top fashion houses that continues to thrive 77 years on, Dior has always been one for elegance and ultra-femininity in his work. Prior to him starting his own fashion house, he once started up a small art gallery before getting a start in the fashion industry, being employed by numerous fashion icons for his skills.
Through his life, there was many rumours and speculation about his sexuality, never being married. It was until his death in 1957 that the truth about his string of discreet male lovers was made known, with his last lover being a French singer and actor, Jacques Benita.



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