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It's October and it's time to celebrate the birthdays of some incredible icons in our community! Get ready embrace the vibrant energy of these
individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world. Let's dive right in!

Cleve Jones - October 11th, 1954:

Cleve Jones' involvement in the gay rights movement began in the 1970s when he moved to San Francisco and became a prominent activist during the AIDS crisis. He co-founded the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and initiated the AIDS Memorial Quilt, a powerful symbol of remembrance for those lost to the disease. His tireless advocacy brought attention to the devastating impact of AIDS and mobilized support for research and resources.

As a key organizer of the 1979 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights and an associate of Harvey Milk, Cleve Jones has been at the forefront of major milestones in the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. His dedication to civil rights and social justice has left an enduring legacy, inspiring generations of activists to continue the fight for a more inclusive and accepting society.


Oscar Wilde - October 16th, 1854 - November 30th, 1900:

Oscar Wilde's personal background as a gay man in the 19th century, a society rife with homophobia and discrimination, shaped his artistic and personal journey.

Wilde's literary achievements include his masterpiece, "The Picture of Dorian Gray," and his plays, such as "The Importance of Being Earnest," which showcased his wit, intelligence, and unique perspective on society. His flamboyant and unapologetically gay persona challenged traditional norms, making him a symbol of queer defiance during his time.

Unfortunately, Wilde's open expression of his sexuality led to his tragic downfall. He was imprisoned for "gross indecency" due to his homosexual relationships. Nevertheless, his trial and subsequent exile sparked conversations about the unjust treatment of homosexuals, leaving a profound impact on the emerging gay rights movement.


Divine - October 19th, 1945 - March 7th, 1988

Born as Harris Glenn Milstead in 1945, Divine grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Their early association with filmmaker John Waters led to a series of cult-classic films where Divine's flamboyant and provocative persona became iconic.

As a trailblazer in the drag world, Divine fearlessly challenged societal norms, redefining drag performance and gender boundaries. Their role in films like "Pink Flamingos" and "Hairspray" brought drag into the mainstream and earned them a dedicated following.

Beyond film, Divine's fearless presence on stage and in the media encouraged LGBTQ+ individuals to embrace their identity without apology. Their legacy extends to the punk and club scenes, where Divine's influence remains prominent.



Raul Esparza - October 24th, 1970 

Raul Esparza, a talented actor and singer, was born in 1970 in Wilmington, Delaware, Esparza's personal background as an openly gay man has influenced both his artistic journey and his advocacy.

Esparza's key achievements include an impressive career on Broadway, where he garnered critical acclaim and multiple Tony Award nominations for his roles in musicals like "Company," "Taboo," and "Cabaret." Through his powerful performances, he has brought queer representation to the forefront of the theater world, portraying complex gay characters with depth and authenticity.


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    Raul Esparza….be still my Heart was not aware of this gorgeous hunk as gay.I wish I was a closer contact or a close friend..Broadway actor and singer who doesn’t want More!!
    Thank you



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