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Hi & welcome to our pack

//ThePack Legends

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...your chosen family

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we're really excited to have you join ThePack Legends! ("TPL") we can’t help but notice your unapologetic attitude coz' this is exactly what ThePack is about!

we'd love for you to show your unique legendary personality whilst inspiring our community to Live Louder wearing ThePack Underwear or Party Gear.

thepack in a nutshell

i am / we are / he is / she is / they are





open to all




Leading ThePack

Leading ThePack

"with every post we're sending a message to our entire community. as Legends we should take it as a responsibility to post in a respectful and inclusive manner, so everyone out there feels comfortable about themselves”

– ThePack


we're committed to march, run, dance, jump or skip together in an effort to impove ourselves and our views on equality and diversity!

So, you do you, boo!

go out there and dance like everyone’s watching and do some legendary posts! remember to have your fair share of fun!

if you've any questions, if the system ain't working (forgive us - we're still new at this) or if you just want to say hi, do send us an email at or DM us at our official IG page @thepackunderwear_


tice, cofounder thepack underwear

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1. Log in to your ⓅⒺⓇⓀⓈ account. If not, create an account.


2. Scroll down to 'refer a friend' and share your personal link with your pack/chosen family!


3. When they redeem their 30%off with your invitation link, you'll get USD30 cash voucher instantly valid.

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