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12 Activities That You Can Do Naked in Public Without Breaking the Law

Over 40,000 people have signed up to get a seat at London's first ever naked restaurant, but don't panic if you didn't snag a ticket. There are plenty of other public venues where taking your clothes off is completely appropriate, and even encouraged.

We've compiled a list of activities, including world-renowned festivals, exercise classes, holiday attractions, and protests, where it's absolutely OK to be fully nude.

Below, 12 things you can do undressed:

 1) Strip-off for a Naked Yoga Class

Naked yoga has become a huge trend in the exercise world, but it's actually an ancient Indian practice known as "nagna" yoga, according to The Independent.

While many studios offer nude yoga to men or women-only, at Naked Yoga London, men and women take off their clothes to pull difficult stretches and take deep breaths in the same room.

Other studios like Bold and Naked in New York City and Naked Yoga in Los Angeles also offer mixed classes.

 2) Cycle in the Nude

World Naked Bike Ride

The clothing-optional World Naked Bike Ride is held annually in 70 cities across 20 countries, including the UK, US, Brazil, Mexico, France, and Germany, according to its website.

The mass protest ride is designed to protest "the unique dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians" thanks to cars and "the negative consequences we all face due to the dependence on oil, and other forms of non-renewable energy," the WNBR website explains.

 3) Get Naked for a Good Cause

At London Zoo, those who care about tigers can help contribute to their care by going on a naked sponsored run called "Streak for Tigers," a clever play on the plural "streak of tigers."

The popular event, which starts after the zoo has closed to day visitors, encourages participants to do the run fully nude, though most runners cover their bodies with tiger stripes created by body paint. The zoo — which asks those involved to pledge a sponsored donation of £150 ($217) — also provides tiger masks to help participants get into the spirit.

Runners complete a 350-metre loop around the zoo, though a number of participants often do more than one lap, to the cheers of a crowd of spectators.

 4) Read in the Buff

Naked Boys Reading event. (Vanek/Naked Boys Reading)

In the UK, Naked Boys Reading invites men "with an exhibitionist streak" to take the stage and read to an audience at London's Ace Hotel and Dalston Superstore as well as Brighton's Marlborough Pub & Theatre.

The project's all-female counterpart, Naked Girls Reading, follows the same concept with readings across the US, Australia, and Europe with readings in London, Rome, Warsaw, and more.

Better yet, join a topless book club.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society is a book club that meets in outdoor spaces, often in parks and sometimes on rooftops, around New York City.

But unlike most other book clubs, when the literary group meets to read and talk about the books, they do it topless, and sometimes in the nude when the group meets privately.

"Happily, in New York City, the law allows toplessness by both men and women. So that’s the way we do our al fresco reading," the About page on the club's website reads. "If you’re in New York and the weather’s good, won’t you join us sometime…?"

 5) Wear Nothing but Paint at the World Bodypainting Festival

ThePack Underwear Legends IG @justinmoroephotog

Austria's World Bodypainting Festival takes place annually in a village in the nation's southern Corinthia region on the Lake Wörthersee, according to the event's website.

Artists from more than 50 countries attend the festival, first held in 1998. They demonstrate their body-painting skills on models in the hopes of winning the World Bodypainting championship.

There are also music zones for reggae, hip hop, and electronica fans, yoga, and other arts and craft activities, the festival website says.

 6) Become a Human Sushi Table

ThePack Underwear "All You Can Eat Brief" IG @yec_1

Body sushi or eat sushi that's served on a naked person.

The US-based sushi catering company SOYO Sushi specializes in nyotaimori ("adorned woman") sushi, which serves sushi off nude women all over the country from New York to San Francisco.

More commonly known as body sushi, this serving method originated in Japan during the reign of the country's last emperor, according to SOYO Sushi's website.

 7) Go on a Nude Cruise

SLAY Brief by ThePack Underwear

If being naked with other naked people in the middle of the sea is your idea of a fun holiday, the US-based company Bare Necessities offers a number of nude cruises all over the world including tours of the Mediterranean and French Polynesia.

The company's most popular cruise is Big Nude Boat, a 10-day party cruise that involves themed events with names like "FantaSea Fest" and "Nudapalooza," according to Thrillist.

 8) Holiday at a Clothing-Optional Resort

ThePack Underwear "Tropik Brief

Though many clothing-optional resorts are for couples only or have adult themes, there are plenty of more platonic places to get naked.

The five-star, adults-only Hidden Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, allows guests to swim in and lounge around the pools in the nude and even lets them dine naked at the resort's restaurants, according to an article on the travel website Islands.

 9) Go for a Naked Swim

ThePack Underwear "PRIDE 2022 Brief" IG @merwenmerman

Forget surreptitious skinny dipping — there are a number of pools where you can swim completely naked with no problem.

The nudist group Naturist London hosts a popular Sunday Swim event at the pool of the University of London's Energybase gym, where swimmers can do laps without their swimsuits

 10) Exercise Au Naturel

 For a more energetic workout, the London-based company NKD Training offers nude group fitness classes, and personal training sessions with a trainer out of a private gym in West London.

"NKD Training is all about being free from the restrictions of clothes while we train and enables us to be more in tune with our bodies," the website explains. "We aim to provide a friendly and unintimidating environment to get fit and feel free."

11) Relax at a Nudist Spa

Spas in Germany: in an upscale nude spa, Thermen & Badewelt in Sinsheim

The spa is perhaps one of the most ordinary places to get naked — at least, in a treatment room, under a towel — but there are some spas where being unclothed all the time isn't just allowed but encouraged.

In north London, Rio's, which describes itself as the city's leading health naturist spa on its website, offers nude massages and other spa treatments. You can even enjoy a drink naked in the bar.

 12) Model for a Life-Drawing Class

UK residents can sign up for the Register of Artists' Models to pose in the nude for life-drawing classes.

If being motionless for a long time seems like too much work, though, women in London can attend a life-modelling workshop called Spirited Bodies to "experience being nude with others in a relaxed environment, for the creation of art." Many of the participants are there to overcome body image issues or simply to express themselves without their clothes on.

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