Your underwear protects the parts you value most — so why don't they have top priority? Too long have men been confined to generic boxers and briefs, made from rough cotton-synthetic-blended fabrics solely meant to drive down costs…Leaving your precious parts sweaty and uncomfortable at the end of the day.


At ThePack Underwear we think your parts deserve better! You deserve a pair of underwear that feels amazing to slide on in the morning. Made from premium materials that keeps you comfortable all day long. Underwear should feel as if you weren’t wearing any, and simply add the support you need. It is, after all, the first thing you put on to start your day (and the last thing you take off before having sex).


Men’s underwear gets neglected because most won’t see it.
But those who do, are the ones who matter.


We put you in underwear that makes you proud to Take.Off.Your.Pants. It's time to throw away your old boxers, only designed to hide your goods behind bland anonymous fabric. It's time to wrap your nether regions in daring and radical designs, that refuses to apologize for who you are or who you want to rip them off for.

We aren't just designing underwear that makes you look amazing and enhances your male features:


We put functional innovation first, adding moisture wicking
fabrics, bamboo pouch linings, and strategically placed mesh
zones to make sure you're comfortable.


🌈 🌏 TAKING ACTION 🌏 🌈 The male crotch space is our battleground. This is where we fight for acceptance, equality and diversity. By supporting LGBTQ+ initiatives we give back to a community that's close to our hearts. Together with our partners, we live by a clear Code of Conduct geared towards establishing a sustainable supply chain and marketing that empowers our community to break stigmas and pursue the freedom to be different.


Now we invite you to join ThePack and take action with us.

Prove to the world that you don’t need to hide your desires or try to fit in.


Read more about our point of view towards sustainability and social responsibility here.



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