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Celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month 🏳️‍🌈 '22

 It's a special month coz this month is LGBTQIA+ History Month! We're proud to honor the history of our community — where we’ve been and where we’re going now.

At the root of our history is a dedication to taking care of one another.

We’re excited to honor the intersectionality of our LGBTQIA+ community. We’ll be celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month all month long. We’ll also be honoring many of our Trevor Project community in October — the month that also shares Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Indigenous People’s Day, World Mental Health Day, National Coming Out Day, Asexual Awareness Week, and Intersex Awareness Day.

This LGBTQIA+ History Month, we take time to recognize and honor the many trailblazers who made progress so that we can continue activism efforts today — from those at The Stonewall Rebellion (1969) like Marsha P. Johnson (1945 - 1992) and Sylvia Rivera (1951 - 2022); to activists like Bayard Rustin (1912 - 1987) and artists like Audre Lorde (1934 - 1992).

Throughout LGBTQIA+ History Month and beyond, there are many opportunities to come together to hear & understand the experiences our community face. Not only does this create a shared moment of understanding and celebration, but it also helps us all to reflect, challenge, and change our own thoughts and behaviors.... find out more here


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