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VPL >> Defined

A VPL / visible penis line, like a penis bulge, refers to the protrusion of the penis or the penis and balls as seen through clothing. The difference with a penis line is that rather than the protrusion being a bulbous shape it forms a clearly “snake like” penis print. This effect is likely the source of the term trouser snake. The way a man wears his penis has much to do with whether his penis print will take the form of a bulge or a penis line, also the type of underwear.

Wearing the penis pointed down in briefs, bikinis, or a thong is a recipe for a bulge, while wearing the penis up or slung over to the left or right is a recipe for a visible penis line

In boxers and other garments that have no pouch the penis, if it is going to show, will show a line down whichever pant leg it is hanging. For guys whose penis bulge or penis line shows easily and they are troubled by this, boxers and baggy pants (board shorts) at the beach are the best for hiding… but honestly why hide what so many other guys wish they could show. If the setting is appropriate we say wear your penis line with pride and confidence, it’s yours so own it.



As with all variety of genital bulges, not every man boasts a visible penis line, and many more men are dissatisfied with the prominence of their penis line than satisfied. Sexual endowment, pelvic shape, what you wear and how you angle your penis all have an impact on how much IMPACT a man’s penis line is going to have. And certainly it’s true that being a shower more so than a grower is an asset when it comes to having a trouser snake that really pops. 

Where bulbous nondescript penis bulges are quite accepted at poolside and beach settings as just an expected part of the scenery...


...a very prominent penis line which tends to look like a near-stiffy under clothes is sure to get you that extra attention (not necessarily good attention if it’s a family oriented pool party) that you crave or maybe don’t crave. The penis line displays much more of the true shape of the penis than a standard bulge, and a very pronounced penis line can be almost pornographic.



Many men endowed with showy crotches will wear their penis differently depending on the setting, down for a big non-descript bulge if the company is mixed, up and over for a pronounced penis line if it’s adults only. Some men, naturally endowed with showy man-parts that insist on being seen through their clothes, are embarrassed and try to find ways to hide their endowment, but many more men do not show at all or nearly as much as they wish they did. As with all bulges a strong penis line is seen by many as a sign of sexual prowess and promise.

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